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2010 Year in Review: Part 2

Last night, I wrote about my first fantastic six months of 2010–being abroad. (And, although I didn’t mention it, coming home.) Apparently I took very few pictures during the second half of 2010 that did not involve food.

If you’re not here for the first time, you’ve seen those. In spades. Then again, these past six months have been eventful in that I’ve started this blog.

I’m hoping to keep on keepin’ on in 2011. With your support, of course.

Anyway, in the second half of 2010…

I reintroduced myself to American-sized portions.

I went to Atlanta.

I moved in with this super-inspiring woman who cooks me Russian food and educates me about all kinds of international issues.

I lost a friend. He died too soon, and I try to live a little harder every day for him.

I walked on the grounds of the White House. Oh, didn’t mention that before, did I? Well. Here I am, visitor pass and all. Next time, I plan to hang out with the prez.

I dressed up like a deviled egg for Halloween, which, based on your responses, has upped the ante significantly for future Halloweens.

And while I left friends behind as I arrived stateside, I also celebrated having friends to whom I could return.

I really cannot thank you enough. For staying in with me, for forcing me to go out, for eating my food, but letting me take 50 pictures of it first.

I look forward to seeing what lies ahead of us!

2010 Year in Review: Part 1

Exactly one year ago today, I was trying to fit my entire life into one suitcase and one duffel bag, in preparation for my semester across the pond.

I took many goofy pictures, including this one at Abbey Road.

I visited my cousin in Hamburg.

And my great-great cousin in Munich.

I met the most wonderful friends. I wish there wasn’t an ocean between us.

I ate my weight in French food and gained a lil’ culture along with a lil’ weight.

Oh, and I took even more goofy pictures, this time at Christ Church in Oxford. (Where the Harry Potter Great Hall scenes were filmed.)

I befriended the coolest landlady/former tar heel the world has ever known.

That was only the first half of 2010, too. There’s more on the way tomorrow!

I’m staying with my grandparents in Florida this week. What should I cook?!