Desperately Seeking: Taste Testers / Cookie Connoisseurs

I think it’s been established that I have a thing for cookies. I love cookies. Love ’em. The combination of sweet cream butter, brown sugar and all manner of fixins’ improves the quality of my life tremendously. (Although its effect on my life span is significantly more questionable.)

One question, however, has caused me deep emotional turmoil these past few months:

What is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Some claim Toll House got it right the first time. Others swear by The New York Times formula. Sometimes I like mine with oats. Which is superior?

That’s where you come in. I’m seeking three voracious cookie-eating appetites for a taste test of three cookie recipes–to be rated based on a variety of criteria.

The application process is simple: leave a comment telling me why you’re qualified to be a chocolate chip cookie taste tester.

Applicants must:
1) Live in or be willing to commute to Chapel Hill for an afternoon in one of the last two weekends in April;
2) Be comfortable eating raw cookie dough;
3) Be capable of consuming at least three chocolate chip cookies.

Qualified? Tell me why in the comments.

19 responses to “Desperately Seeking: Taste Testers / Cookie Connoisseurs

  1. Pick me!!!!!! I am qualified to be the best cookie taster you could possibly need because I adore cookies, I can eat a lot of them, and I will be completely honest about the results 🙂 Better yet, I live down the street so I can come over whenever you need! Haha, even if I’m not picked as official taste tester, I expect leftovers 😀

  2. I am qualified because I LOVE COOKIES! I hope there will be milk.

  3. I am unfortunately not qualified, having no means to get back to CH from LA in April. However I eagerly await the results and list or reciepes/criteria at a later date so I can conduct this highly scientific test myself 😉

  4. I’m qualified because I have yet to come across a cookie I will not try. I am an equal cookie opportunist.

  5. I am the perfect candidate because not only do I loveee cookies, but I also will be 100% honest. And you miss spending quality time with me. 🙂

  6. When it comes to cookies, I’m a purist, and chocolate chip is the epitome of classic. If I’m considering my cookies in comparison to others, I’m concerned about the dough in particular–the best chocolate chip cookie dough isn’t TOO sweet; it has a hint of salt. And naturally it’s best before it’s cooked 🙂 Pleased to test any baked goods thrown my way (and in large quantities)

  7. I would say that I am completely qualified to be a cookie taster. I have nearly 15 years of cookie tasting experience which has allowed me to develop very keen tastes when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. I live in Chapel Hill, so commuting is not a problem. I am also very honest with my opinions and I know a good cookie when I eat one 😛

  8. I am so overly qualified for this job that I can taste it. 1) Check. I will commute. As long as you provide some parking. 2) Double check. 3) Triple check. One check for each cookie. Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite type of cookie, and I would be honored to try out your recipes Meghan. Plus, we are way over due for lunch. Could I get one of those too??

  9. I am so qualified because I believe that no meal is complete without dessert. And no dessert is truly complete without chocolate. And I love love love chocolate chip cookies. Also, we have the same name. 🙂

  10. I am available April 30 to eat as many cookies as you need consumed.

    I consume raw cookie dough on a regular basis, in fact, it rarely makes it to cookie form in my house. I will also help clean your kitchen 😀

    Pick me, pretty please!!!

  11. Chocolate is the epitome of dessert for this girl with a sweet tooth. Add the words chip and cookie dough and I’m taken back to rainy afternoons with my mom in the suburbs, baking for my chemistry tutor in order to pay him back. The best part of those dreary afternoons revolved around eating those tasty Toll House treats. My taste buds can’t imagine a homemade cookie very well, since store bought dough is the norm at my house. With this in mind, I would savor and cherish any homemade baked goods that Meghan made. As a taste tester, I would even cast off my gluten free way of eating and deal with any post-cookie headaches. It’s worth it to try a home baked good.

  12. because I’m a fat ass

  13. cookie taste-tasting. I have had approximately 22 and a third years of expertise in the field and am a very critical judge of excellence.

    I would also be interested in trying gluten free varieties since I think those seem particularly challenging to bake (and make tasty!) and I am experimenting with a gluten-free diet…though I am currently uncommitted to this endeavor and would be up for anything!

  14. lauren you are gluten-free now? Let’s chat. I can recommend some brands/foods!!

  15. I’m late to this game, but I’m totally qualified. I’m free most afternoons, I love, love, love, love cookies, and I might write an awkward recount of the experience on my blog if I can take pictures!!

    Also we’ve never met, and the whole point of blogging is to make new friends! Right? riiiiiiiiiight????????? (i promise i’m not creepy in real life. just on blog post replies)

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