Cooking Again — Soon

You know what I’d really love to do? Fill mason jars with the wonderful, restorative, inspiring atmosphere that is surrounding me at the moment and send them to everyone back home.

In lieu of that, a brief summary of my past week: Neuschwanstein Castle, lentil “burgers” (now three-year-old approved), a UNC friend’s visit, biergartens, more biergartens, bike rides through German countryside, Dachau, and late nights with new friends. Oh, and lots and lots of walking.

What I have not done nearly enough of is cooking. Eating, yes. Cooking, no. I could pretend it’s because I’m busy, but actually, it’s because I’m enjoying being fed. My cousin is an excellent cook who has provided me with all kinds of new recipes that you’ll see here shortly.

But, on Thursday, I’ll be the one who’s cooking. (And then I need to cook a whole lot more for the remainder of the summer.) What should I make?

2 responses to “Cooking Again — Soon

  1. Cupcakes…. of course!

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