nestMeg Moving to a New (York) Nest

Well, I have broadcast the news all over my favorite social media sites, but I have neglected to share my impending move on nestMeg. The fact is, between moving back to America, driving to New York City for interviews (thanks, Irene, for getting my flight cancelled!), and navigating the tumultuous world of job negotiations, food preparation has not been on my mind. (Food consumption, however, occurred in a big way in NY. And is continuing, for that matter, in NC.) Hence, I haven’t cooked in quite a while, and I’m milking these last days of eating momma’s cooking for all they’re worth.

Now that I have secured a job in Manhattan and an apartment in Brooklyn, I can safely say that I am going to fly the North Carolina coop in just under two weeks. I would be terrified, but I’m too busy being really excited about the future. Ask me again when winter comes.

Despite being born two hours north of the city, I never imagined myself living in New York. I’d say the aversion to cold weather factored highly into that decision, as did my concern about being surrounded by so many oppressive skyscrapers. This summer, though, as I connected with my German roots, I realized that the greatest opportunity I could have to fully understand my heritage was waiting for me in NYC. Those same streets, after all, played host to the dreams of my great grandparents, grandparents and parents. Why not mine?

So, on the 10th anniversary of September 11th, a day that has come to define our generation, I find myself preparing to live in the city that never sleeps. And I couldn’t possibly feel more alive.



4 responses to “nestMeg Moving to a New (York) Nest

  1. Best of Luck!! Xana is there right now at a discipleship program, she comes home this week. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Love, Joanna

  2. Hey!
    Congratulations on all and best wishes for much more life and foodie fun to come!
    Hadassah P.

  3. Whoot — a JOB! What will you be doing? Congrats and I hope to hear / read more once you get settled.

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