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How to Burn Hummus: A Kitchen Catastrophe

Why, yes. I have accomplished the impossible.

Burning hummus is no easy feat, I assure you. It involves the chickpeas engaging in an overnight soak, a long, sensual boil in what I thought was a generous serving of water, a steam break while I attended class and, finally, a final boil that resulted in the water abandoning my chickpeas in their last hour and allowing them to wreak havoc on my favorite pot.

Admittedly, the negligent water is not the only guilty party. I might not have watched the pot as closely as necessary, eschewing my kitchen duty in favor of homework and a long phone conversation.

“They” say that using dried chickpeas saves more money than cooking with their canned counterparts. I was operating under that notion when I decided to undertake a several-day chickpea softening process. Also, when cooking with canned food, I am always reminded of this quote:

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.
– George Orwell

Frankly, I have no idea what sort of canned food battle Orwell envisioned when he said that (I can’t help but imagine troops of canned diced tomatoes armed with machine guns), but the man said so many other profound things that I’ve decided to humor him in this particular instance.

At this point, I’m simply looking to rectify the situation. I have more dried chickpeas, a back-up pot and enough patience to try this one more time.

Now can someone please tell me how to make hummus with less disastrous results?